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Blank lcd screen nbox 5800xx & running Gratalia OS from USB(please help)

Guest smokegreen

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Guest smokegreen

I have an nbox 5800xx & was running Gratalia OS from USB Pendrive 4GB


Firstly apologies for writing in English.New to Graterlia & have to say for me is the best most complete & like linux  ie stable base image & you add what you want..Which works so well.! BIG thanks & much respect  :)


I recently found your website & noticed the recent update(I had been having problems with certain iptv bouquets I`d added jumping due to frame-rate problems & sound skipping with all other images I tried)


So I thought I`d try your OS & am VERY impressed(pretty much fixed 90% of my problems),however after around a day using I switch from a normal bouquet to an iptv list updater added one & guess the stream was down as got no buffering(that`s a really nice touch too,class! ) just the spinner stuck & screen was black remote & panel both unresponsive..Left around 10-15 mins tried pushing reset,didn`t work so pulled the plug..have done this many other times so expected no problems.


When i rebooted the lcd remained blank no uboot xxx version,load nand,nothing completely blank..Optical remains lit & usb remains connected just get nothing at all displayed on the screen.Tried holding power after turning off..No joy :(


Not sure what I need to do or if this can even be fixed,reading about jumpers needing pressing whilst the case is off.Reflash uboot & put jumper back to 20 I believe..


Please tell me there`s an easier way to do this,lol I miss my nbox already.


Cheers & please help.. Max respect for all you do :)


If I fix this I`m going to add your OS to nand & run from usb too I`m that impressed with it..Amazing!


Edit now fixed! :) Installed Graterlia to nand & the will install & run from a usb :) That fun & stressful in equal measures

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